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Aug 13, 2005

We can make judgement only if we have experience.Existence proceed essence.Koran & phenomenology agree on this principle,which has major impact on our life in this world.
Koran show us this fact clearly in this verse:
(And follow not that of which thou(you) hast(have) no knowledge;Surely the hearing and sight and the heart,all of these will be asked about it.17:36).
This verse regard the perception(sensory+mental) as an act which must be based on knowledge(consciousness/awareness).Th sensory & mental are not separated in koran ,they are two moments of one act which named the categorial intution by Husserl .
Judgement become description of the lived experience & not consumed from others,prejudices. This is the core of Taqua(piety) in Koran. In phenomenology Taqua appeared as Epoche ,putting between brackets any prejudice ,presuppostion,which are responsible for the biases of our judgement.
The phenomenlogical experience is koranic & the koranic experience is phenomenological. Both of them put a premise to see the truth, which is the transformation of the ego(self) from emprical perspective(everyday attitude) to transcendental(reflective one.In the koran there is verse which describe this principle:
(For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls). But when (once) Allah willeth a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect)11-thunder .
The difference is in the way achieving this transformation.Koran seek practical,behaviouristic approach to change the self,through worshipping only one God,praying to only one God, fasting,haj,charity.All these strategeis are intended to purify the self from mundane ,worldly concerns.So the path of koran is reductive.Reduction of this cultural,social & psychological ego to the pure nature of the human being which is called in arabic called phutra(الفطره).These verses put emphasis on the inherent abilty of human to change their world, to confrount any suffering with peaceful mind.


saminkie said...

Dear Dr. Ali,
From which eye of the phenomenology you have seen the 2 angels mentioned above? Do angels realy exist phenomenologically? Acutually I doubt the existence of god phenomenologically?
Yours Sami

Ali-Al- Omari said...

My dear Sami It is the phenomenological eye,which give us access to phenomenal world of koran which represent Allah experience of beings as awhole,especially human.Imam al Sadiq said that Allah revealed in koran but people cannot see ,because they blind.
In phenomenology the blindness is due to our intentionality which is directed to physical reality as the only possible one.we are absrbed by everday matters to the degreee we cannt see the other side of being .Phenomenology is purification method to make us open to what is given in experience without subjective biases which derived from our natural attitude in which we give the physical superiorty over other attitude &perspective.
My dear sami we see only what we know,so if we related to our only personal project we cannt live any other one.
Freedom proceed seeing.unless we liberate our self from the social religious ,economical bondage we are will not reach the truth in any matter.Submission to Allah only is LIBERATING step to see ,to open our mind to accept what is given to us in experience rather than trying to give it an slfish,social religious interpretation.
For this reason koran determine whom will be guided by it .
وبشر عبادالذين يستمعون القول فيتبعون احسنه
صدق الله العلي العظيم

Ali-Al- Omari said...

My dear Sami
if somebody told you that he was loving you,how you you will demonstrate ,verify his statement.
the only to reach the mind of other is to be in his shoes,that is to look through his eyes ,speak through his tongue.We perceive the love ,by which sennse love is given .
can the neurologist find love inside the brain chemistry.
My dear Sami,you are reducing the realty to the material one.this one aspect of it but not the only one.
if you look at yourself you will find that you are more than just body need &satisfactin.Because what we are doing now is property of the soul not the body,body not care for being able to write or not.your life is filled with meaning which are given to you only ,not perceived by any your phenomenal world is not shared by every person ,it is not intersubjective to agreat extent.
Koran is to verify our experiences against it ,we make our experience objectve(intersubjective).
Koran is the how the world is given to Allah,it is the phenomenal world of Him.So unless you are submitted fully ,you wiil not share anything with Him.