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Aug 13, 2005

The marriage between eastern & western worlds had happened since the discovery of Phenomenology by the sealer of philosophers,Edmund Husserl(1859-1938).
Husserllian phenomenology fufilled the intentin s of Koran in the western world ,it made them contemplate on all their presupposition,concepts,prejudices which had become a thick layer between the mind & the things themselves.So phenomenolgy fufilled God intention in acheiving the essences, through perfoming reflection on our self ,first, to purify it from any pre-concepts, (names )which is not given to us in genuine experience.Koran from the first to the last verse asking us to reflect,contemplate ,looking in ourselves,reducing every name to the name of God.
For the experience to be phenomenolgical we need to be outside the experience & at the same time living in it. This double mode of being is essential step in emergence of the transcendental consciousness.
Rgarding God ,He is not in need to perfom this reduction,He is the omnipresence,this presence in every where ,every time, oblige us to be ready to take His view as a base &reference.
Phenomenolgy made us recognize the importance of being present to our object of knowledge(orginally given in intuition),which is regarded the principle of all principles.
What I want here to make you see is, that the Koran has phenomenolgical aspect which is clear to those who know the essence of phenomenology. This will be exposed in later post,in sha Allah.


ALI said...

hello dear
your thesis about the marriage between west &east is controversial,inducing many debates.
I understand that in every genuine thinking there is phenomenology.Phenomenology is the syntax of the experience as such.
It is descriptive ,this mean that it is not creating things but found them.So it educate us how to reach to these things in themselves.So it has apedogical aspect which is highly manifested in its founder.I want to know if there is such an element in Koran.

ALI said...

Thank you for your comments.
Koran is The God experience of the worlds,including the human being.
So the aim of koran is to state to us the manner of givenness of these things to the God,the MEANINGS,which makes things appear to GOD.for example,the meaning through which the good man or women given to God is the taqua(piety),the meaning through which all things is given is the compassion,the meaning through which the believers only given is the mercy.So Koran learn us how to understand the behaviour of God, & how to base our behaviour on these manners of givenness(meanings).This is the pedagogical element in koran,to remind us,guide us,to the things themselves. Any behaviour to be accepted by God must be koraniclly given to us.This imply that there must be koranic consciousness. Koran determines the manner of givenness of every things to God.So this is to say that koran reveal to us the consciousness of God.IS it mandatory now to know the koran.
Anyone claiming that he is phenomenlogist,and worshipping God through human manners of giveness,He is in state of a bad faith in Sartrean meaning.

Kurt Kawohl said...

Hi Ali,

Your perception and comprehension in Koranic phenomenology and in your thesis about the marriage between west and east is superb.

One of my correspondents wrote: Kurt will take the power of living Enlightened Masters to bring religious rationality into them but in the meantime the message has to be appealing to monotheistic religions. This cannot be accomplished unless they can believe that their souls will be united with a greater, a heavenly force upon their physical deaths, a force that they have always called Allah/God. I agree that we, our spirit/soul, is a part of God and in that way a part of God resided within us. Living enlightened Masters are often not listened to & Muslims, Christians & Jews would have to see the benefits of changing their beliefs. One would have to find ways of influencing their leaders, their preachers, before they will change. Kurt, you have received a message from their & my God, but how do you get anyone to listen? If you can get others to include in their own writings, your experiences and then promote those thoughts and integrate them with their own opinions, it may possibly work.

Ali, the world needs to be exposed to religious rationality and you may be the one who has received that task from Allah. May your way be guided therein.


Seema Arif said...

Dr. Ali

I congratulate you for your courage to adopt a mode of inquiry which is unique, substantial and the need of the day. It reflects not only your trust in the essence of knowledge present in Qur'an, but also your passion for this knowledge, which transforms a Muslim in a "living Qur'an". One of our poets say... Beware of the vision of Momin....he sees with the light of Quran....Iqbal.
and he also says....that a Momin... appears to be a reader of Quran, but in essence he is Quran personified.

I see such involvement in your writing... and definitely I'd like to know more about it.


Seema Arif

Seema Arif said...
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Ali-Al- Omari said...

My dear Seama
I am grateful for your visiting my blog.
Your comment is greatly helpful in making me continuing my search for the way by which we make the Quran lived text rather than written one.
I choose Ali Ibn abi Talib as the person who can be standard instant of this lived Quran.My choice depend on my reading of history,Quran,phenomenology.
I put the theological tradition between bracket.I find that Ali Ibn Abi Talib make the Quran disclosed in every aspect of life.

klienwachter said...

Thank you Ali for bringing the awareness of Koran to me. And you said I was the original phenomenologist! You are not far away.

Ali-Al- Omari said...

MY dear Klienwachter
I thank God that my blog was of interest to you.
You are school my dear,your opinoin is of great help to me to proceed in my travel toward koranic phenomenology.I am in my first steps,so i need your help &and any person seeking for the truth as such.
Regarding my judgement about you is derived from my lived contact with your writing which refelect the God intention,which is misinterpretated by those who made from the God messages source of empowering others.
Return to origin is the slogan of Koran.
Leave any interpretation & return to what is given to you individually.
I learened from you the importance of responsiblity which is an existential concept which differentiate human from other beings.
You are authentic person,who are guided by the seeking the peace of mind which is based on seeing things themselves.
Koran said that the realty of God is phenomomenal,that is ,it is given to us unveiled,not hidden only by our selfishness,bracketing this self is premise to see God,The Being.

enigmawatch said...

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